5 Júl

Although this sounds like a fairly basic feature, we have just added the ability to preview media files and clips. There are many ways to preview a clip, including:

  • Right click on a media file, choose "Preview"
  • Double-click on a media file
  • Double-click on a clip on the timeline
  • Trim the edge of a clip (it will preview the trim in real-time)
Once you load a preview, use the video playback buttons (i.e. seek, play, puase, etc...) to control the preview. Use the slider bar under the video to quickly seek around the preview. Also, you can use the J,K,L and Arrow keys to seek around the preview.

When you are done previewing a clip, simply click anywhere on the timeline ruler (or the play-head) to return to "timeline" mode. Once back in this mode, all the video playback controls and key mappings will return to normal.