16 Svi.

I have decided to create a simple, mini-project, (depending on your definition of simple) video inspector (& player). There will be a gnome / GTK graphical interface, a simple file chooser dialog, a small box on the screen for the video, and a table of labels to display important clip information. This will test my knowledge of gstreamer and Python, and help lay the foundation for the more complicated non-linear video editor that I want to create.

It's really important that I can identify the following clip-related details:

  • Length of clip (seconds)
  • Height & Width of clip
  • Frames per second of clip
These details are vitally important to know about each clip, because I need them to be able to display a timeline for the non-linear editor. For example, I need to know how big of a rectangle to draw (i.e. clip length)... to represent the video clip on the timeline.

As soon as I finish this mini-project, I will post screenshots and the full source-code... in Python of course.