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I am proud to announce that OpenShot Video Editor now supports video transitions! Thanks to the awesome MLT video framework, it didn't take much time to knock out these features. TIP: Click any screenshot to view a larger version.

[example frames from a transition]

For the first time, OpenShot is really showing off the power of MLT. We are not simply blending 2 tracks together (like some other video editors), but rather blending / compositing every track below the clip (including alpha channel), and then blending to the new clip! This is a serious multi-track compositing + video transition system.

[main interface of OpenShot with transitions tab open]

Transition Features:
  • Drag and drop a transition onto the timeline
  • Transition snaps between tracks
  • Use the resize tool to change the length of the transition
  • Switchable direction (i.e. Track A to B, or Track B to A)
  • Real-time previews (just hit play, or drag the play-head over it)
  • 18 Wipe Transitions
  • 1 Dissolve Transition
  • Preserves Alpha in Images / Image Sequences
  • Composites all tracks (stack them as deep as you want)
  • Transitions are based on grey-scale images (i.e. SVG, PGM, etc...)
  • Easy to add custom transitions (i.e. just drop an image in the /transitions/ folder)

[transitions tab]

[close-up of transitions on the timeline]

[here is a list of the initial transitions]

[left to right wipe transition]

[spiral transition]

[check out the OpenShot Logo transition!!!]

This is the first of 4 new features we are announcing as a part of the OpenShot 4 for 4. Stay tuned for the next 3 features! If you like what you see, please let us know!

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