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6 Jul

I am very excited to announce our new advanced mask feature, as well as some new advanced transition options! OpenShot already has a powerful grey-scale based transition system, but now you have even more control over how it wipes across the transition.

This is the new transition properties window:

New Transition Properties:
  • Direction: Track A ...

5 Jul

Although this sounds like a fairly basic feature, we have just added the ability to preview media files and clips. There are many ways to preview a clip, including:

  • Right click on a media file, choose "Preview"
  • Double-click on a media file
  • Double-click on a clip on the timeline
  • Trim the edge of a clip ...

4 Jul

We have enhanced our Export Video screen to include the following features:

  • Progress bar to show the progress of the export
  • Message box confirmation when the export is done
  • The export screen no longer auto-closes. It stays open, so you don't loose your settings. It lets the user double check the exported video... tweak ...

3 Jul

Someone pointed out to me that trimming a clip on the timeline in OpenShot is like being blind-folded with a pair of scissors in one hand. That sounds dangerous doesn't it! So, we have improved the trim / resize feature in OpenShot to work like this:

  1. User switches to 'Resize' / 'Trim' mode (i.e. which ...

2 Jul

We have added a few new features to our great title editor. Before, we were limited to 2 lines of text (Title & Sub-Title). We have improved it to now introspect the SVG title and allow the user to edit all text elements. Also, it now defaults the values of these text-boxes to the text ...

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