OpenShot Studios is an award-winning, Texas-based software company founded in early 2012. We take pride in building beautiful, high-quality, and scalable websites and applications, and invest heavily in open-source technologies. We are also a proud member of the Open Invention Network (OIN), a network which strengthens our ability to protect the open-source projects and contributors we work with.

We have deployed software to millions of end-users, and know what it takes to successfully design and scale web, mobile apps, and desktop applications. Your project is in good hands with us! Send us an email anytime!


  • Adresse : 2931 Ridge Rd #101, Rockwall, TX 75032
    United States
  • Téléphone : (817) 213-6552
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Nos services

Automatisation vidéo / API vidéo / Vidéo dans le cloud

We are the authors of the award-winning OpenShot Video Editor. We are also the authors of libopenshot and OpenShot Cloud API, which are powerful video editing systems which can be used to automate all kinds of video production tasks. If you have hundreds of hours of video content, and don't know where to turn... look no more!

Création Web / Responsive / Etendable

Nous adorons construire d'incroyables sites web! Nous employons le nec-le plus ultra des frameworks web tel que Django, JQuery, Angular.js, et Bootstrap, avec une totale intégration des réseaux sociaux tel que Facebook et Twitter, pour créer des applications web vraiment originales et ravissantes pour nos clients.

Apps pour ordinateur / Apps pour mobile

Although web-based apps are certainly taking over the world, sometimes you need a real application! One that lives in the security and speed of a desktop computer. We have experience with multiple cross-platform application toolkits, such as Qt and GTK!

Bibliothèques / Scripts / Automatisation

Certaines applications ne ressemblent même pas à une application proprement dit. Nous avons une grande expérience dans la création de bibliothèques et APIs écrites en C et C++, y compris ayant des capacités complexes multi-cores, distribuées, et d'éditions vidéos. Besoin d'interagir avec Python, Ruby, ou un autre langage, aucun problème!

Architecture cloud / Adaptabilité dans le cloud

While the word cloud is certainly over-hyped, the usefulness of cloud computing is very real. By only paying for the computing power you need, you are able to affordably scale up and down, depending on your needs. We specialize in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Unlimited computing power for all!

Bibliothèques open-souce & applications

Bien que nous adorons construire des choses incroyables pour nos clients, nous aimons aussi construire des applications que nous mettons gratuitement à la disposition de tout le monde! Voir OpenShot Video Editor, libopenshot, and libopenshot-audio.

Création Graphique / Création Vidéo

Êtes-vous à la recherche d'une nouvelle identité, d'un nouveau logo, ou peut-être d'une nouvelle brochure? Non seulement nous construisons d'incroyables sites Web, mais nous adorons créer un art personnalisé et avons énormément d'expérience dans l' impression et l'art digital. Si vous pouvez l'imaginer, nous pouvons le réaliser!

Consulting / Programming Services

Nous adorons discuter de nouvelles idées et projets, aussi envoyez-nous un email! Décrivez-nous simplement votre projet et nous vous fournirons notre analyse d'expert et un devis gratuit!

Nos témoignages

"Jonathan over-delivered on every aspect of our project, and I can guarantee you will receive a first class job. This is a top developer and trust me I have worked with a few."

by blastecukMay 20, 2013, United Kingdom

"Jonathan is an excellent and competent worker. He has good communication skills. His knowledge in his area of expertise is unparalleled. I look forward to future business with Jonathan."

by soxmaxAug 31, 2012, United States

"Excellent worker, very good communication, did what was requested and also better, finished project far earlier then deadline. Will work with him again."

by davidemiJan 25, 2012, Italy

"A logo was designed with his original work and ideas. The work was provided super fast in the formats that I requested. He is creative, professional and communicates well. Overall awesome work."

by flexdesJun 24, 2011, United States

"What a dude! When times are rough you've been there. Diamond geezer!!"

by john78255Dec 2, 2007, United Kingdom

"Thank you for all of your patience and help on this project. It is going to make things so much easier for our online shoppers to see our products better. Great job and communication."

by angelkissesvwDec 26, 2007, United States

"Turns code around SUPER fast!!! I will use this worker in the future, especially if I am in a pinch and need something turned around really fast!"

by mrwjr2003Nov 16, 2007, United States

"Jonathan is a quick and efficient worker. He knows his stuff and is capable of carry out his plan on time. I highly recommend him."

by zeustechNov 13, 2007, United Kingdom

"Very patient and excellent worker!"

by thinksteinNov 8, 2007, United States

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