29 Sep

If the PPA wasn't big enough news to get you excited, how about this: Effects have finally arrived for OpenShot!!!

We have included 33 video & audio effects (30 video and 3 audio). This feature is available now (in version 0.9.42). You can install OpenShot from the PPA or .DEB installer to get the newest version.

Effects are used to modify the video, image, or sound a clip outputs. For example, an "echo" effect will cause the audio of a clip to echo. A "black and white" effect will cause the video to be in black and white. You get the idea. =)

[Drag and drop effects from the tree onto a clip]

Chroma Key effects are also included in this update. Chroma Key (or Green / Blue Screen) is an effect where you choose a color in the video and make it transparent. You can adjust the variance (i.e. how exact a match you want). This is commonly used to replace the background of a scene with another image or video. I put together a quick video demonstration with a few different effects. Check it out. And yes, that is my hand. =)

Not only do we have lots of exciting effects, they can all be stacked and combined in any way you can dream up. And in the spirit of OpenShot, it's as easy as dragging and dropping an effect on a clip. That's it. Of course, every setting can be manipulated also, but it's not required.

[View and edit effects on the clip properties screen]

Another big feature is our new "preview window" on our clip properties screen. This allows you to "try before you buy"... so to speak. Any settings applied to a clip (including effects) can be previewed over and over again to be sure it's just right. This is also an effective way to trim a clip, especially audio clips, since you can keep previewing the IN and OUT points. Once you are happy, click Apply. If you Cancel, then your changes are not saved, and everything goes back to normal.

Here is a nice big image which has all of our effects showcased. Click the image to view a larger version. Enjoy!

I would like to sincerely thank Andy, Helen, TJ, Olivier, and all of our bug reporters, and feature suggesters. I am very proud of our international team of programmers, contributors, and enthusiasts. Just think how far we've come in such a short time. OpenShot is just barely a year old.

To put this into perspective, consider PiTiVi, and their feature set (Sorry Edward... not trying to start a fight). They have been working on a video editor since 2004. They have been funded by a company since December 2008. They have 2 full-time paid developers (according to the Wikipedia). PiTiVi still lacks the following features that OpenShot already has: basic blending and compositing, transitions, effects, key-frame animation, and titling support. The point? We are moving really, really, really fast. Just to point out, I said nothing negative about PiTiVi... just laying down the facts. I wish them well. =)

I hope everyone enjoys the new effects. Also, please be sure to report any bugs you find (just don't submit duplicate bugs... it tends to slow us down). I do have some additional news to report, but I think this blog post has gone on long enough. Stay tuned...