Архіви Січень 2011

27 Січ

I am proud to announce that OpenShot will be attending the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 9x) in February!

Not only will OpenShot be an exhibitor, showing off our best new features, I am also one of this year's presenters. So, if attending an OpenShot presentation sounds fun (and it will be) please come ...

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24 Січ

Over the past few days, I have shown off many of the exciting new features that are coming in OpenShot 1.3.0.

However, there are 2 really important goals that I have not spoken about recently, usability and stability. Much of the past 2 months has gone towards improving OpenShot in these areas.

Usability ...

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23 Січ

Are you looking to add a sense of drama or perhaps add a sense of realism to a scene? Then you might be interested in an animated lens flare!

A lens flare is created in real life when a bright light is reflected or scattered on a camera lens, creating generally unwanted artifacts or washing ...

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22 Січ

Grab your scarf and gloves, and get ready for the next OpenShot feature announcement, Realistic Animated Snow!

Using the power of Blender 2.56+, we have created a particle simulation that generates realistic snow. This snow has a transparent background, and can be added on top of any video to create instant snow!

You can ...

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21 Січ

I am especially excited about this next feature announcement. Blender artist and now OpenShot contributor Gwen Bulleryahen worked with the OpenShot team to bring this feature to life: Animated World Maps!

How does it work? Simply put, it let's the user enter a few basic parameters, such as the latitude and longitude of anywhere ...

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20 Січ

Does your next video need some dazzling special effects, such as magic particles, sparkles, or fairy dust? Or perhaps another type of particle animation? Normally, this type of effect is added in a 3D animation package or a compositing application, and later included in a video editor for the final assembly.

However, OpenShot has the ...

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19 Січ

Adding a sequence of numbered images into OpenShot as a single video clip used to require a bit of research and some knowledge of string formatting commands, such as %d, %04d, etc...

The problem with that approach is that users are required to figure out these commands in order to import an image sequence. This ...

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18 Січ

How often do you record a video with the camera on it's side? Well, I was surprised to find that this happens quite often, especially when you think about cell phone cameras, flip cams, digital cameras, etc... All of these devices are just begging to be held sideways when recording video.

Well, if this ...

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17 Січ

Get it? Smooth Scaling instead of smooth sailing? Anyway...

Are you tired of choppy motion and jerky zooming? Would you like silky smooth awesome motion? Well, you are in luck! OpenShot now has a new "Smooth Scaling" option, which as you might have guessed, makes scaling, animation, panning, and zooming very smooth.

Don't take ...

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17 Січ

Transitions are very useful for gradually moving between two different video clips, but often they can be a pain to layout and position. Not only do you need to position a transition in a very precise place, but you also have to set the "direction" correctly.

The "direction" of a transition affects how the transition ...

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