OpenShot Library (libopenshot) is a powerful, cross-platform open-source C++ video editing library, dual-licensed under the LGPL version 3.0 and available under a commercial license. Multi-threaded, cross-platform, and feature rich video editing API. Also, bindings available for Python, Ruby, and other languages.


OpenShot 函式庫 (libopenshot) 支援下列作業系統:Linux (支援大部分的發行版本),Windows (版本 7, 8, and 10+) 和 OS X (版本 10.9+)。專案檔案也是跨平台的,這代表你可以在一個作業系統儲存一個影片專案,然後在另一個作業系統打開。

基於強大的 FFmpeg 函式庫,OpenShot 可以讀取和寫入大部分的影片和圖片格式。想要知道支援的格式的完整清單,請見 FFmpeg 專案

OpenShot comes with a powerful key frame animation framework, capable of an unlimited number of key frames and animation possibilities. Key frames interpolation mode can be quadratic bezier curves, linear, or constant, which determines how the animated values are calculated.

Tracks are used to layer images, videos, and audio in a project. You can create as many layers as needed, such as watermarks, background audio tracks, background videos, etc... Any transparency will show through the layer below it. Tracks can also be moved up, down, or locked.

Clips on the timeline can be adjusted in many ways, including scaling, trimming, rotation, alpha, snapping, and adjusting X,Y location. These properties can also be animated over time!

Gradually fade from one clip to another. The quickness and sharpness of the transitions can also be adjusted using keyframes (if needed).

When arranging clips in a video project, images on the higher tracks/layers will be displayed on top, and the lower tracks will be displayed behind them. Much like a stack of paper, items on top cover up items below them. And if you cut any holes out (i.e. transparency) the lower images will show though.

Support for vector titles (SVG format), with full transparency support.

Libopenshot has been built with accuracy in mind. This allows OpenShot to finely adjust which frames are shown (and when).

Control the power of time with OpenShot! Speed up and slow down clips. Reverse the direction of a video. Or manually animate the speed and direction of your clip as you wish, using our powerful key frame animation system.

OpenShot has many great audio editing features built-in, such as displaying waveforms, or even rendering the waveform as part of your video. You can also split the audio from your video clip, and adjust each audio channel individually.

OpenShot includes many video effects (with more on the way). Adjust brightness, gamma, hue, greyscale, chroma key, and much more! Combined with transitions, animation, and time control, libopenshot is an extremely powerful video editing library.


Libopenshot is dual-licensed under the LGPL version 3 and a simple commercial license. We recommend you first try the open-source version, and once you've verified it satisfies your project's needs, then migrate to a commercial license. The funds from commercial licenses are used by OpenShot Studios, LLC to develop OpenShot Video Editor, our award-winning open-source desktop video editor. We feel this is a fair trade-off, and helps fund the continued development of OpenShot Video Editor. Commercial license does not include a license to JUCE (used for audio functionality) or any other dependent libraries. Feel free to email us if you are interested in learning more.

Please keep in mind that certain dependencies, such as FFmpeg, Libav, JUCE, and others, have their own licenses and restrictions, and you should verify that those are compatible with your commercial application licensing scheme.


  • LGPL 版本 3 授權
  • 更改必須在同一許可證下公開
  • 沒有支援
  • 更新由社群提供
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  • 商業授權
  • Changes can be distributed without the LGPL restrictions
  • E-mail support w/ 24 hour response
  • 包含12個月的更新
  • Royalty free distribution
  • 1 developer seat


  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
  • REST API (不需 C++)


Not a programmer? Don't have the time to program your own implementation of libopenshot? No problem! Just send us an email, and describe what your are trying to accomplish. We are always happy to brainstorm with you, and if needed, we offer competitive consulting services.