OpenShot 影片編輯軟體是自由、開源的影片編輯器,適用於 Linux、Mac、Windows 平臺。我們將 OpenShot 設計成容易使用、學習快速、出色強大的影片編輯器。您可以輕鬆剪輯、切片,和編輯任何影片或電影。請查看完整的特性列表檢視擷圖、或觀看影片瞭解 OpenShot 的操作狀況!


The dramatic story of how and why OpenShot was created, is best understood by reading: Our Story.


OpenShot was created in August 2008, by Jonathan Thomas, a software developer from North Texas (USA). However, Jonathan is now assisted by many key developers: Meet the Developers. In 2012, OpenShot Studios, LLC was incorporated by Jonathan Thomas, and all copyright and trademark properties were transferred to this new company, to better protect the interests of each contributor. Soon after, OpenShot Studios joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), in order to strengthen its ability to protect the contributors and source-code.


OpenShot is written in a few different programming languages. The interface is built with Python and PyQt5. Our video processing backend (libopenshot) is built in C++, and utilizes FFmpeg. Out interactive drag-n-drop timeline is built with HTML5, JavaScript, and AngularJS. Many of our advanced 3D effects and animations are powered by Blender.


OpenShot 可在 Linux,OS X 和 Windows 上使用。查看下載頁面了解更多資訊。


OpenShot Video Editor™ is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

下載 OpenShot

有很多不同的方法可以下載並安裝 OpenShot。我們有通用的 Linux AppImage,支援大多數的 Linux 桌面版本。我們也有 OS X 和 Windows 安裝程式。現在下載


有很多方法可以聯絡 OpenShot 團隊,包括 email, IRC 和 Facebook。要檢視如何聯絡我們的詳細資訊,請拜訪我們的聯絡我們頁面。