Curious what OpenShot looks like? Enjoy the screenshots!

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Main Window

This is the main window in OpenShot. Add audio and video files, arrange clips on the timeline, and zoom in and out of the timeline. This window is where all the magic happens!

Drag & Drop

Adding new files to your OpenShot video project is easy. Just drag and drop audio, video, or image files into your project from your Gnome desktop.

Video & Audio Effects

To add awesome video and audio effects to your clips, just switch to the effects tab, and drag the effect onto a clip. It's just that easy!

Project Settings

Choose your project settings on this screen, including the name, length, frames per second, height, width, aspect ratio, and other important settings for your video project.

Effect Settings

Each video and audio effect has settings that control its behavior. Using the clip properties window, you can easily change the settings of any effect.

Rotate Settings

Rotating a video or image clip is easy. Just drag and drop the rotate effect, and then adjust a few settings. You can animate your video spinning around in circles, or just statically rotate your video.

3D Animated Titles

Using the power of Blender (an awesome 3D open-source animation package), OpenShot has a simple 3D animated title screen. Choose a template, change a few settings, and that's it!

Static Titles

Easily add titles and sub-titles with this screen. Choose a template, font, color, and text size, and then click save. Titles and sub-titles can be dropped on the timeline and arranged.

Preview Window

This window is used to control the playback of your video project. Fast forward, rewind, seek to a specific frame, or even jump to a predefined marker.

Watch OpenShot in Action! Watch Videos.